Allison Collier's Client Testimonials


Steve Fallon

I have only been working with Allison for three months and already I have achieved with her support things I did not think I could ever do.  She has taught me the importance of body strength to support sport and the importance of correct technique; I felt inspired and motivated every session.. She knows her stuff and backs it up with results.  She delivers everything with good humour and is easy to work with, I recommend her 100 %.

Steve Fallon


Jessie Hronesova

I could not endorse Alli more. Although I was a very difficult case – with a set of injuries, great aversion towards sprints, and a low budget  – Alli was able to create a programme for me, which not only improved my speed and running style, made me fall in love with running again, but also allowed me the luxury of one-to-one sessions on a weekly basis! She included a set of drills and exercises, which strengthened the right muscles and stretched the right areas. As a result, I am no longer in pain when I run and can clock around 30 miles a week without problems. I have been trying to find a good running coach for a long time and now really consider myself lucky to have found Alli!

Lorna Brown


“I’m a 71 year old who looks after a toddler and a baby three days a week. I needed to get fit to make sure these grandchildren are kept safe and fit. Allison helped me so much with strength training, agility and balance. In a thrice I can describe Allison and her work: She’s fun, she’s an inspiration and she knows her stuff!”

Still laughing –

Lorna Brown

J Hurd

I had thought of having a PT for some time but have been put off by perceived ego’s in the industry. I am motivated when I am motivated but there are so many things that can make me deviate from a plan.

I chose Allison because I could see she is passionate about what she does and I felt I could be honest and asked her how she would make me fulfil my own goals.

Allison never makes me feel that I am not achieving, with plenty of gentle but firm encouragement. Having a clear and concise plan to follow helps along with the ‘have you been for a run yet’.

I look forward to my sessions – never thought I would say that! They are hard and in a short time I have absolutely noticed a difference and I would not have achieved that on my own as I simply would have found an excuse not to!

Allison knows her stuff and I have absolute trust in her advice and guidance.

100% recommended 😀


M. Meanwell

I just wanted to thank you for all your help in my training for the Bath half marathon. I completed it in 2 hours and 49 minutes, which was less than my target of 3 hours. Thank you so much! I’m now looking into the Great North Run and hoping to run the whole race!

W. Blyth

I thoroughly recommend Allison Collier as a personal trainer. Her approach is really supportive and confidence-boosting. She knows when to push you, and when to make sure you listen to your body and not push too far. Allison has developed a personalised fitness and training programme specially designed to meet my goal of running a sub 3.15 marathon (having never run one before!). The programme has been tough, but amazingly effective. I am now running further and faster than I ever have before, with shorter recovery periods between exercise sessions, and feeling stronger by the week. The sessions during the week are really varied, so they don’t get boring and Allison is always happy to answer questions, and give useful tips on training, technique, diet etc. The programme was based on building strength first, which has really helped lay the foundations build confidence for the speed and endurance work that came later, and also reduced the potential for injury. I’m now running at speeds which hopefully put me on track for my goal once I build up my distances. Still a lot of hard work ahead, though!

Will reached his goal and ran the London Marathon in 2015 as good for age.

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