First I will teach you how to run, then I will teach you how to run faster

Hi and welcome to TipTop Running

Individual and Running Fitness Club coaching.

Come and join our running fitness club for both beginners and experienced runners alike. This club is aimed at making your running more enjoyable, stronger and faster.
This class is designed to complement the running you do in your spare time or at a running club.  We won’t be going out for a long run…..

So what will you do at a running fitness class?

Have fun!!
Warm up, incorporating running drills and dynamic moves
Strength and Conditioning for Runners
Agility Balance and Coordination exercises
Core Strength
Elastic Strength
Flexibility Training

Online contact and Homework – just some small stuff to take home with you to practise if you wish.
Come along and meet other people like yourself, book here for the flexible package that suits you best.

Go Bespoke and Improve your running with my 6 week course.

  • Muscle screening, detect those weaknesses
  • Running technique assessment
  • Screen and Strengthen your core
  • Learn drills to improve foot positioning and running style
  • Learn dynamic warms up for each running type
  • Learn how strength and conditioning will  help your running
  • 6 week bespoke training program

Go Bespoke TODAY


My running packages are for anyone that wants to enjoy their running, you don’t have to be an experienced runner, you could be doing your first couch to 5km, what will set you apart is your desire to run the best you can.
You will receive the best running coaching on offer, we will cover drills, technique, strength and conditioning, a bespoke program, nutrition and hydration for training and on race day if applicable.

My approach to coaching is athlete centred, which means it is all about you, everything that we do is bespoke and there are no generalisations, or off the peg moments.    Contact me

So why Tip Top?

I am a UK Athletics endurance running coach, a strength and conditioning coach, and a PT, I combine these to create a program that will create in you the best runner you can be.

Everything I teach is about function, strength and then speed, I will assess your movements, fitness, flexibility and a full analysis of how you run now, whether you are an experienced runner or an absolute beginner.

I currently have Three programs on offer and they are:


Running Drills, Skills and Fitness

A five or six week course (depending on time of year) that will teach you the fundamentals of running and help you to fall in love with this amazing sport.



Start up

For the beginner, or for you if you have had a break from running. Learn about gait, technique, drills, breathing, hydration, nutrition and how to minimise injury with a 6 week running plan written just for you.

Contact me for more info


Faster, stronger running for endurance

Have you been running for a while, but you don’t seem to be able to get any faster? Or are you constantly fighting injury? Then this is the one for you.

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1/2 Marathon

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10 km

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Click here to download my generic 5km beginner plan

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