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Strength and Conditioning, Personal Training and Endurance Running Coaching with TipTop.  No hype, no gimmicks just excellent training that brings out your best.

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Like personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches help others to improve their fitness. But strength and conditioning coaches differ in one very important way—the clients we work with are focused primarily on improving their performance or skill in a sport. We work by assessing the athlete for strengths and weaknesses and ‘fill the gaps’.

When we love a sport, we want to play to the best we can, and we improve at that sport it heightens our enjoyment of the game.  Strength and Conditioning with TipTop will help you and your team to be more powerful, agile, balanced and coordinated.

I will work with your coach to create a plan for you and if it is a team sport that works for each individual and then as a team, all you need to do is enjoy it.

Prices start from £40 per session for one to one.  For team prices please contact me.

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Personal Training

You are an individual who deserves a bespoke personal training programme that matches your goals.

TipTop Personal Training creates an individual program for every client, there are no general programs. You will benefit from a dedicated PT who creates individual relationships, one-to-one sessions, thus allowing you to focus on one thing – your goals. We’ll talk about your current fitness levels, what you goals are, psychologically where you are now. We will look at any past injuries, physical restrictions, and likes and dislikes. Finally we will talk about your nutrition how to improve it to peak mentally and physically.

Personal training at TipTop means you are looked after, I use a variety of coaching and training methods to keep you challenged both physically and mentally with a variety of sessions including flexibility, function, stamina, strength and sports conditioning. There are additional options to have a nutritional analysis with a nutritional plan and psychological coaching.

You can purchase sessions as you go, as a package or pay monthly and, while we recommend you commit to at least three sessions a week, I understand how schedules can get in the way of good intention.
I guarantee a commitment to your goals, all is needed is for you to commit completely and you will become, healthier, leaner, fitter and stronger; you just better.

Prices start from as little as £40.00 per hour (if bought as a package)

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Endurance Running Coaching

May I offer you the opportunity to run further, faster and stronger?  Running coaching with TipTop enables you to fall back in love with your sport, you will see changes in your technique, your strength, your flexibility and importantly, your speed.  I will work hard to ensure you reach your goals without injury, all you need are trainers and a degree of commitment.

You may have a goal for a PB or it may be distance, or you may be just starting out and need encouragement and skills training so that you can get the best from your running.

Whatever your goal you can be assured of my commitment to get you there, match it with yours and you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Sessions can be either one to one or group and start from as little as £10 per session for group or £40.00 for one to one.


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Have a look at what my customers say..

Steve Fallon

I have only been working with Allison for three months and already I have achieved with her support things I did not think I could ever do.  She has taught me the importance of body strength to support sport and the importance of correct technique; I felt inspired and motivated every session.. She knows her stuff and backs it up with results.  She delivers everything with good humour and is easy to work with, I recommend her 100 %. Steve Fallon... read more

Jessie Hronesova

I could not endorse Alli more. Although I was a very difficult case – with a set of injuries, great aversion towards sprints, and a low budget

read more

Lorna Brown

  “I’m a 71 year old who looks after a toddler and a baby three days a week. I needed to get fit to make sure these grandchildren are kept safe and fit. Allison helped me so much with strength training, agility and balance. In a thrice I can describe Allison and her work: She’s fun, she’s an inspiration and she knows her stuff!” Still laughing – Lorna... read more

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