How will TipTop’s personal training program help you?

In four phrases the benefits of Tip Top personal training to you are

An expert in the fitness industry is looking after you

You get an experienced personal trainer and running coach, who has trained hundreds of people over the years, all ages and fitness levels.

You get the freedom to fit your workout into your schedule

You never have to miss another workout.   You can fit online personal training around your schedule and you carry your work out on your phone, how easy is that?  You can record what you achieve right there and then.

You’ll see me and you will have the app to guide you when we are not together

So we have our session together, but I don’t forget you until we next meet, NO you will access to my app so I can still see how you are training and keep you motivated.

You get my 100% support while we work together

We will be in contact often.  I will review what you are doing every week and feedback via email, phone and in person.   Between us we will keep your workout fresh, enjoyable and focused on your goals.

How does training work?

Click on the blue + sign and find out more information about how I train online.

Sign up

The first thing that has to happen is that you sign up to one of my exclusive online deals

You receive log in details and a link to my app

You will then receive log in details to my software and a link to the app in the app store.  When you have logged in you will find a questionnaire to fill in and send back to me, this will help me to understand your needs

Questionnaire and Assessment

Once you have filled in the questionnaire, I will send an assessment to you to carry out and record what you have achieved.  I may ask to see some of this by Skype.

I create your program

From the information that you have given me I will write your program and make it available in your app and in my membership area online

Recipes and Meal Plan to get you going

There will be recipes and meal plans to help you cut out the sugar, processed foods and show you how easily you can eat and prepare fresh food every day.

24/7 email support

You can contact me by email at any time, I will answer as quickly as I can but within 24 hours (generally quicker) but I do sleep….  sometimes and I work out a lot.  Depending on your query I may ask for a Skype call.

4 week review

I will review your workout at 4 weeks, we will chat about how you are getting on and if it is working for you (although our conversations would normally have worked this out already).  It’s important that you talk to me, I’m nice, really 🙂

ongoing information, recipes, hints and tips

Videos and information sent to you by email. (not every day, I’m way to busy for that…)

Ask me a question about anything... but particularly fitness 🙂

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Detox? just eat fresh

Just eat fresh unprocessed food and drink water, let your kidneys and liver do the job they are designed for.

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