I don’t do diets..

What you put into your body, is equal to what you get out of it… it’s simple, if you eat for health, your mind and body will respond with energy and sharpness, if your diet is high in saturated fat, sugar, too much salt and alcohol, you will be lethargic and your cognitive ability will be lower.

“Simples” but sometimes it is hard to maintain any life change, never mind something as important as food. It’s all around you everyday, everywhere you look.

My approach is simple, I don’t write diets, I don’t like scales, if we eat the foods our bodies require it repays you and keeps working optimally for you.

My program will give you ideas, recipes to start you off, shopping tips and how to make changes and hardly recognise them, and you won’t have to eat anything ‘Low Fat’ contact me and feel great for the rest of your life.


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