Detox period is upon us again, there are more products sold at the beginning of the year, than any other time of the year, but are they really needed, I don’t think so, I’ll tell you why.

Your body detoxes itself every single minute of every single day.  Your liver and kidneys process, filter and detox your body.  It doesn’t require anything to do so other than fresh unprocessed food and water, you know, that stuff that keeps you alive.

I did some ‘googling’ before I started writing this, with the word detox, I came across

  • Powders of various types
  • Meal replacement shakes
  • Tea cleanse
  • Colon cleansing
  • Juice cleanse
  • A five day rapid weight loss cleanse
  • Deep drainage dietary supplements!!
  • Flat belly detox
  • 7 day ultimate cleanse
  • 5 day fast cleanse
  • 7 day liver detox
  • Blood detox pills
  • Liquid cleanse and flush..

And so on………infinitum, these cost anything from £3 or £4 pounds to over a £100 for a course of treatment.  At best they are a placebo at worst there have been some serious medical side effects.

The only bonus to these products is to the suppliers getting rich.

Look how beautiful these foods look.

The body’s needs are basic, it requires fresh food, heavy on the veg and the all important water, anything else is superfluous.   In fact anything that comes out of a box is not required. But we all know this really, eating for health isn’t rocket science its basic, meats and fish is you’re are a meat eater, beans, pulses, nuts, vegetables, fruit and some grain.

So next time you feel the need to detox, save your money, and drink some water and cook fresh.

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