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Wellbeing comes from inside you, it is about being mentally and physically fit and healthy. It’s about being you in all your glory. It’s subjective. It’s not about being perfect, the fittest, the prettiest or the slimmest, it’s not about getting things right every day, it’s not about being the most successful in what we do. We are all human and we are all the sum of our experiences, it’s not about shutting those experiences out but accepting and developing ourselves in spite of and because of them.

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Ready for change? I am here to help you with non-judgmental and supportive personal training and running coaching sessions and programs in and around the Oxford area.

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Learn how to look at your life as a whole and make changes. If you are looking to help your business team, book some corporate stress management

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Steve Fallon

I have only been working with Allison for three months and already I have achieved with her support things I did not think I could ever do.  She has taught me the importance of body strength to support sport and the importance of correct technique; I felt inspired and motivated every session.. She knows her stuff and backs it up with results.  She delivers everything with good humour and is easy to work with, I recommend her 100 %. Steve Fallon... read more

Jessie Hronesova

I could not endorse Alli more. Although I was a very difficult case – with a set of injuries, great aversion towards sprints, and a low budget

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Lorna Brown

  “I’m a 71 year old who looks after a toddler and a baby three days a week. I needed to get fit to make sure these grandchildren are kept safe and fit. Allison helped me so much with strength training, agility and balance. In a thrice I can describe Allison and her work: She’s fun, she’s an inspiration and she knows her stuff!” Still laughing – Lorna... read more
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